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Pro Class Rules

1.  Any year car, with a wheel base of 107” or larger, 6 or 8 cylinder, is permitted to run. No limo’s or hearses permitted.

2.  All glass, plastic, fiberglass, chrome molding, door handles, mirrors, ect., must be removed.

3.  No broken glass in doors.

4.  All flammable materials must be removed, such as, carpets, upholstery, head liners, and back seats.

5.  All objects in trunk area, including spare tire, rims, and parts, need to be removed.

6.  Car must be swept clean of any loose objects inside the car, and inside the trunk.

7.  All of this MUST be removed before arriving at the event.

8.  All doors may be welded solid, 3” wide X 1/4” thick.  Driver’s door must be welded.  All others doors may be welded, chained, or wired shut.  If wired, unlimited mount.  Driver’s door may be reinforced with ¼” plate, not to exceed 6” past door seam. 

9.  Hoods may be wired in 6 places or bolted in 4 places, not to exceed 1” diameter bolts, or 3” washers. Hoods need to have a 12” x 12” hole cut in it over the carburetor. Hood latches must be removed. Hood must cover cooling fan, unless electric. Hoods must be opened for inspection. Bolting of cut outs permitted, (10) 3/8” bolts and washers.  Front 2 bolts may run all the way through core support and frame.

10. Trunks may be tucked or wedged.  Trunks may be welded solid outside and inside, 3" wide X 1/4" thick.  All body seams, inside and out may be welded. 
11. Original gas tank must be removed, and may not be reused inside car. A boat type tank or fuel cell must be placed in the center of the back seat, or directly behind the driver. Gas tank protectors are permitted but cannot exceed 24“wide.  Gas tank must be covered with a flame resistant material.  No plastic tanks permitted.

12. If using an electric fuel pump, there must be an electric shut off switch within reach of driver, clearly marked on/off, for safety officials.

13. The battery must be moved to the passenger side floor, and be mounted securely in place, and covered. (battery box suggested)

14. Must have 2 safety straps in windshield area, and 2 on rear windshield area, from cowl to roof. You may also use #9 wire.  3/8” x 3” strap or 2” x 2” pipe suggested.

15. Roof signs mandatory.  20 X 20.  Must be securely bolted.

16. Any year, front car bumper is permitted. Bumpers may be welded to mounts and frame. Bumper seams may be welded, and ends trimmed. No homemade bumpers.  Maximum bumper height 22", measurement will be taken from ground to bottom of bumper.  Bumpers may be loaded.

17. Any year, back car bumper is permitted.  Bumpers may be welded to mounts and frame. No homemade bumpers!  Minimum bumper height 15", measurement will be taken from ground to bottom of bumper.

18. Wheel wells may be cut or rolled and bolted.

19. 4 point cage mandatory, A-pillar to A-pillar and B-pillar to B-pillar, and from bar to bar on the inside of the doors. A roll bar is mandatory.

20. You may change the body bolts, with a maximum of 1” diameter bolt, with 3” washers. This may be bolted solid.  Bolts can travel through the bottom of the frame.

21. Front suspension may be welded solid. You may change out new style A arms for old ones. Car does NOT have to bounce.  May have after market A arms and spindles.

22.  If converting from coil springs to leaf, the following standards must be met; A maximum of 9 leaf springs.  Leafs may be inverted or flat leaf.  Driver’s choice.  No stair step required.  Leafs may be plug welded.  2 clamps front and 2 rear.  Welded shackles permitted.  1” all thread permitted in place of shocks.   If changing coils to leafs, all control arms must be removed and coils removed.   23.  Frames may be plated with ¼” metal.  Bodies may be plated with 1/8” metal.  All frame seams may be welded.  No covering tires and wheels with metal. 

24. Tires and rims 7.50-16 maximum size.  May be doubled, glued, or tubed. Valve stem protectors permitted. No restriction on tread patterns or tire ply ratings.  Bead locks allowed, may screw tires to rims.

25 A.  Motor of choice permitted.  Distributor Protectors are allowed, nothing that attaches to the engine can be wider than the stacks i.e. dist. protector, engine cradles, etc.  You may have two chains no longer than 18" attached to motor and up to 4 links welded to frame.  All chain links can be welded.

25 B.  Coolers are optional, may be mounted behind seat.  Must use transmission line for coolers.  Gas line will not be allowed.  Floor shifters are allowed.  Burp tube must be installed over dipstick and rooted to the ground to prevent fires.  Transmission may be secured by chain, #9 wire or stock mount.  Cross member mounts must be within 12" of factory location.  A skid plate may be used from oil pan to the transmission pan, this may not attach to anything else and be no wider than 16". 

26.  Kicker Rule – Nothing bigger than 3X3 square tubing.  Front kickers may run from dash bar to A arms and from A arms to front bumper.  Rear kickers may run from back bar to humps and from humps to rear bumper.  ABSOLUTELY NO KICKERS FROM ROLL OVER BAR TO BUMPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.
27. You may modify tie rods and control arms.

28. You may clip pre ran cars (can be any make or model.)

29. 2003 and newer frame rule:  on new style cars with the aluminum cradles, you may switch these out with 80 and newer steel cradles.  They must be put in like the factory counterparts, only using the factory brackets, no other metal may be added.  They must be in factory location and cannot be moved forward.  You may use a 3" spacer from the bottom of the frame to lower A-arm where the spring goes, you may not alter frame in any manner other than attaching factory brackets with a single bead of weld.  You cannot make homemade spring pockets. 

30. Any rear end allowed 5 or 8 lug.  Rear end braces are allowed. 

31. Sedgon’s are allowed.

32. All officials decisions are final.

33. Have fun and be safe