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Two Man Truck Team

1.  Any American made 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive pickup truck, blazer, SUV, suburban, or full size van, may be ran.

2.  If 4 wheel drive, you must remove either front or rear drive shaft, your choice.

3.  Factory tanks must be removed and not reused inside bed, and replaced with a fuel cell or steel type boat tank, this must be located in the bed of the truck, in the center, directly behind the cab. Must be securely fastened and covered. No factory fuel tanks permitted.  Gas tank protectors are permitted.  

4.  Battery must be relocated to passenger side of the cab, and be securely fastened to the floor and covered.

5.  All trucks must have working brakes prior to, and during the event.

6.  You must have a 4 point cage, A-pillar to A-pillar, B-pillar to B-pillar, and from bar to bar on the inside of the doors. You must also have a roll over bar.  (THIS IS MANDATORY.)  You may have 4 down legs running straight down from cage to frame.  You can have front kickers running from dash bar to behind A arms.  2X2 square tubing. (Can have kickers for 2 or 4 wheel drive trucks)

7.  Any engine can be run. (D.P. cradles are allowed.)

8.  Tailgates and doors must be chained, wired, or welded shut.  Tailgates may be welded to bumper.  

9.  Bed and cab mounts may be replaced with up to 1” bolts, and 3” washers. Body may bolted solid. 

10. No trailer hitches, or reinforcement of the frame or body will be permitted.

11. You may use factory car bumpers, brackets, and shocks. 

12. Hoods must be in place, and have a minimum of a 12” hole cut over carburetor. 

13. Hoods may be wired in 6 places or bolted in 4 places (not to exceed 1 inch diameter bolts and 3 inch washers).

14. Hoods must be opened during inspection.

15. Tires must be stock size for trucks. No restrictions on tread pattern. Double tires, and valve stem protectors permitted. No screws, split rims, or wheel weights permitted.

16. Beds must be welded to cab of truck directly behind doors.  2 extra bed mounts permitted on bed only (not to exceed 1 inch diameter bolts and 3 inch washers).

17. All glass, plastic, fiberglass, chrome molding, door handles, mirrors, ect., must be removed.

18. No broken glass in doors. 

19. All flammable materials must be removed, such as, carpets, upholstery, head liners, and back seats. 

20. All objects in bed area, including spare tire, rims, and parts, need to be removed. 

21. Vehicle must be swept clean of any loose objects inside the vehicle, and inside the back. 

22. All of this MUST be removed before arriving at the event.

23. 4 double strands of wire is permitted from core support to front bumper.

24. Front and rear suspension may be welded solid.  Does not have to bounce.  May use 1 inch diameter all-thread in place of shocks.

25. Screw in coil spring blocks may be used in front coil springs.

26. Must have 2 windshield straps welded from the cowl to the roof.

27. Three straps or a welded screen is suggested on the rear window.

28. You must have a minimum of 2 safety straps on the drive shaft.

29. Drivers door may be reinforced on the outside with ½’’ plate or angle iron, this is not to exceed 6” past the door. 

30.  Tucking and wedging permitted.  Bed sides may be welded to bed floors using a 5” on 5” off pattern. 3” X 3” X ¼” plate.  If wedging a suburban you must cut a 12” X 12” hole in center so we can see inside.  

31.  On pre-run trucks, you may fix frame damage.  (must be visible frame damage) Up to 6 spots.  You can use 4” wide X 4” long X ¼” thick flat plate.  One plate per fix.  Body tears may be fixed with 1/8” flat plate, only fix the tear, do not plate the whole body or you will cut. 

32. Maximum 9 leafs.  Must be stock leaf springs.  No flat plate.  You may invert leafs to make flat leafs.  4 clamps per leaf pack.  They do not have to be stair step.  

33.  Stock frames only, no plating frames or bodies.  C-channel frames may be boxed in from cradle forward using ¼” plate.

34. All official’s decisions are final.

35.  Have fun and be safe!!


TONY COOPER (330) 383-6131


BRIAN MCCULLEY (330) 853-1072