General Rules
Limited Weld
Modified Compact Rules
Adult Stock Compact
Youth Compact Heat
Two Man Truck Team
Mini Van Rules
Pro Class
Power Wheels

1.       All cars must remain stock unless otherwise noted in these rules!!!

2.       You MUST comply with all safety and general rules.

3.       Types of cars
          a.       All American made cars allowed except the following:                         i.      NO 1973 and older Imperials or Imperials sub frames                         ii.      No Jeeps, Suburbans, limos, or smashed top wagons.

 a.       All glass, plastic, fiberglass, chrome molding, door handles, mirrors, etc. must be removed.

b.      All flammable material must be removed, such as carpet, upholstery, headliner, and back seats. Cars must be swept clean.

c.       All decking in the rear of station wagons must be removed.

d.      All cars must have working brakes.

e.      Maximum of 2 batteries (any size). Must be mounted on passenger floor board and covered.

f.        Original gas tank must be removed. Metal boat tank or metal fuel cell may be used. Tanks must be mounted in the center of the back seat area.

g.       All cars must have an air filter.


a.       Four point cage, maximum size 6” square, round or c-channel permitted. 

b.       Halo bar must be attached to rear seat bar or side bars.

c.       Halo bar must run straight up and over the roof. NO tilting back to rear door or back window area.

d.      Halo bar may be bolted OR welded in 3 spots to the roof using 3” X 3”X 1/4”  tabs and 5/8” bolts MAX. CHOOSE ONLY ONE METHOD!!!

e.      Front of dash bar must be at least 5” from the firewall and D.P. and 5” above the transmission tunnel.  No contouring front bar must run straight across. 

f.        Back seat bar cannot be any further back than where the rear kick panel meets the floor board.

g.       Door bars cannot extend any further then the firewall.

h.      4 square mounting plates for cage are allowed … 8” X 8” max. Plates cannot be tied into any body mounts of any part of the frame.

i.         One full floating gas tank protector is allowed … 24” wide O.D. max. NO pinning, welding, bolting, etc. to body, frame, or package tray. G.T.P. can only be attached to rear seat bar.

j.        (Two) 4” X 4” max down legs may be installed vertically from cage to sheet metal only.  Can be attached to side bars or rear seat bar only.  CANNOT go to frame or body mount.

k.       Cage gussets must attach to 4 point cage only and cannot be longer than 18” max.

l.         Windshield bars can be attached in ONE of two ways:                             

i.      You can have a max of two 2” X 2” X ¼” square or round tubing attached to the halo bar and running straight along the roof and straight down to the front dash bar. (These bars cannot be behind your D.P.).                               

ii.      You can have two 2” X 2” X ¼” square, round or flat, may be attached within 6” of windshield lip area (cannot be behind your D.P.) and 3” max firewall area. CHOOSE ONE OF THESE OPTIONS!!!!

m.    Rear window bar on sedans/wagons may only be attached to roof 6” and on speaker deck/trunk lid/tailgate seam 6“ max.  Rear window bars on wagons must go to tailgate NOT the floor sheet metal.

n.      NO KICKER BARS!!!!

6.       FRAMES

a.       NO frame seam welding, pinning, creasing, shaping, or welding except where rules permit.

b.      Coil cars may have a hump plate. Hump plate must be ¼” X 6” X 22” centered in hump.  They will be measured from top center of hump and start no lower than center of frame.  Hump plate must be at least 2” above rear end. 1977 and newer GMs can have ¼” X 6” X 30” hump plate measured the same way.

c.       No Imperial sub-frame swaps 1973 and older. If car needs re-stubbed or clipped YOU MUST CALL FIRST!!  Frame stub/clip must be for that YEAR, MAKE, AND MODEL.

d.      Cars with watts link suspension, you may convert to a 4-link set-up.  ZTR brackets are acceptable, but no longer than 6 long 4” X 4” box tubing. NO package tray swaps.

e.      All cars may be tilted anywhere from cross members forward 3 spots maximum.  ABSOLUTELY NO ADDED METAL (ANYWHERE).

f.        Frame seam may be welded from transmission cross member forward ½” wide single pass.  One seam of choice.

g.       Homemade cross members allowed. 3” X 3” angle or 3” X 3” box tubing allowed. Cross member must be within 5” of factory one.  Cross member mounts cannot be bigger than 6” long max and 3/8” thick max. Cross member must run straight across.  Cross member can only be welded on the ends.

h.      One chain link per frame rail, 3/8” max, may be welded to the rear frame behind the axle to be used for #9 wire or chain from rail to rail. ****4 loops of wire or one 3/8” chain max ****

i.         No painting of frame.

7.       BODY MOUNTS

a.       Body mounts may be changed using 5/8” X 8” long max size bolts or all thread.  Bolts cannot travel through bottom of the frame.

b.      3” washers max size.

c.       Must have a min. of a 1” thick body mount spacer. (3” X 3” max size)

d.      You may have 2 extra body mounts. You may place these where you want, but must be from firewall back.  They must be done in a factory fashion, following the body mount rule.  (Must be marked with a bright color)

e.      Core support mounts may pass through both sides of the frame, through core support, and hood. 1” all thread max. **This counts for 2 of the 6 hood bolts **  

8.       BODY


b.      All doors may be welded solid 3” X ¼” strapping max.

c.       Drivers door may be reinforced on outside only and cannot extend any further than the door strapping.

d.      Hoods must have at least on 10” X 10” opening.  You may bolt around the opening with 3/8” bolts max.

e.      You may have six 4” X 4” X ¼” plates welded to body for hood mounting purposes. ***Hood bolts 1” max ***

f.        Trunks and tailgate may be welded using 3” wide X ¼” thick strapping using a 5” on 5” off pattern.

g.       You may tuck, “V”, or wedge trunk.  Speaker deck may be removed.*Quarters must be 8” tall at back bumper* *THIS WILL BE

h.      Station wagons must remove both access panels in tailgate box permanently.

i.         Tailgates on wagons may be pushed down and welded using the 5” on 5” off pattern. 3” wide X ¼” strapping.

j.        Body line creasing allowed.

k.       Wheel lips can be cut and folded (CANNOT be welded) *You may bolt wheel
lips using four 5/8” bolts*

l.         Sheet metal patching for rust is allowed, but must be factory thickness.
**Call First**

m.    You can have two straps from your bumper to your trunk ¼” X 3” X 6” max size, OR #9 wire 2 spots, 4 strands per hole.

n.      No painting inside of bodies.

9.       BUMPERS

a.       Any car bumper is allowed. NO homemade bumpers.

b.      Must have a chrome shell and backing plate.

c.       All work must be done inside.

d.      Loaded bumpers on front and back are allowed. (weld them up)

e.      You may shorten the front frame back to factory front core support mount
where tab welds to the side of frame.

f.        Bumpers can be hard-nosed. **Mounting plate for hard nosing may be 6” X 9” X ½” MAX.

g.       CHOOSE ONE OF THESE THREE OPTIONS ONLY!!!                           

          i.      12” bumper bracket                                                             

          ii.      12” bumper shock inside frame 2” max **FRAMES WILL BE DRILLED TO VERIFY LENGTH OF BUMPER SHOCK INSIDE FRAME**                             

          iii.      12” x 4” x ½” plate.

h.      You can have 2 straps ¼” X 3” X 6” from your bumper to core support or #9 wire in 2 spots (4 strands per hole)

i.         Maximum bumper height 24” to bottom.

j.        Minimum bumper height 12” to bottom.

k.       No shortening of rear frame allowed.


a.       Homemade or aftermarket shocks accepted. 1” all thread max

b.      Any aftermarket steering or suspension component allowed. (if using aftermarket A-arms ---- CALL FIRST)

c.       No upper A-arm bracket swaps. Must use factory A-arm brackets for that

d.      Upper A-arms may be folded down to frame and welded solid with no metal added OR with a piece of 2” X 3” X ¼” metal welded on the front and back side of
A-arm. ONE of these two options will be accepted. (No ball joint protectors welded to the frame allowed)

e.      No leaf spring conversions.

f.        Coil springs may be held in with wire or chain. (NO welding).

g.       If leaf springs are altered, main leaf must remain on top.

h.      (7) – 5/16” X 2 ½” wide springs per side max with a 2” stair step.

i.         No plug welding of spring pack.

j.        (4) – Clamps per side ¼” X 2” X 4” max size.

k.       Only the main leaf may be flat stock. (call with questions)

l.         Rear end must remain on top of leafs.

m.    No flat leaf packs.

n.      Factory like shackles. No solid shackles. Must be bolted to frame.

o.      Sway bars can be bolted or welded to lower A-arm and mounted directly to
bottom side of frame using a piece of 2” X 4” X ¼” plate or tubing.

p.      No homemade sway bars. Factory OEM automotive only.


a.       Any motor, transmission, or rear end of choice is accepted.

b.      D.P., engine, cradle, transmission protector, ultra bells, rear end back braces,
and sliders are all accepted.  The transmission can only be bolted to the cross member using one 5/8” bolt max size (just as factory intended)  If when mounting engine to the frame, be careful not to make a gusset from the inner frame rail to the backside of the frame cradle.

c.       No protector wider than the headers.

d.      You may plate the tranny pan. Nothing connected from the tranny shaft to mid-plate or to cross member.  No braces under tranny.

e.      You are allowed 2 engine mounts. Each engine mount cannot be larger than 9” X 9”.

f.        You can have two chains 3/8” X 18” long max size (standard chain) you may weld two links to the frame and chain may be bolted or welded to engine. Chain links cannot be welded together to create a kicker.


a.       Maximum wheel and tire can be no larger than 7.5 X 16.

b.      Tires can be any tread design and any ply ranting.

c.       Screwed, glued, doubled, tripled, and foam filled tires accepted.

d.      Valve stem guards, rim guards, bead locks, side wall protectors, and solid wheels accepted.  Bead locks are to be max 22” outside diameter.


a.       No bolt in cradles (except for factory alumimum cradles)

b.      80’s and newer Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln Town car engine cradle accepted.

c.       Front of engine cradle must be 10” from front side of cradle to closest crush
point (square hole on top of frame) using one single pass of weld ½” max.

d.      Upper A-arms must be centered in the cradle using 98-02 like A-arm mounting
brackets as factory intended.

e.      Lower A-arms must be mounted with 80’s and newer Ford car brackets as
factory intended.

f.        All-thread shocks allowed 1” max. Must be mounted from upper A-arm to lower A-arm. Shocks may not be mounted in any way that reinforces the frame. No ball joint protectors welded to frame allowed.

g.       No spring pockets may be added.

h.      You may shorten frame back to the front side of the stock core support mount, where the tab welds to the side of the frame.

i.         You can have a 2” X 10” bumper shock, 10” bumper bracket, OR 4” X 10” X ½” plate. Any ONE of these ONE of these three ways is acceptable.  (Frames will be drilled if bumper shock is used to verify length).

j.        All holes in front of frame must remain open. All crush points must remain unaltered.  

k.       No rear steer. Gear boxes must be bolted to frame as factory intended. May bolt or weld drag link to frame. (No added metal).

l.         Sway bars can be bolted or welded to lower A-arm and mounted directly to bottom side of frame using 2” X 4” X ¼” plate or tubing. Factory OEM automotive sway bars only.

m.    Frame may be tilted anywhere from cross member forward. NO ADDED METAL!!!

14.   MISC.

a.       Expanded metal may be used on core support, 1/8” max. May be bolted or tack welded.

b.      Air conditioning condensers can be bolted or wired in 8 places only. 3/8” bolts, 1” washers.

c.       Core support to fender bars accepted. TWO ONLY (one per side) 3/8” bolts max. NO WELDING!! 18” long X ¾” O.D. max (Not solid)

d.      Radiator must be mounted in factory location using #9 wire, 1”wide banding, ratchet straps, rope, or 2 pieces of 3/8” all thread. No homemade radiators.


TONY COOPER (330) 383-6131

RANDY SWANSON (330) 429-5747
BRIAN MCCULLEY (330) 853-1072