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Modified Compact Demolition Derby Rules 

1.       Any car or station wagon, 4-6 cylinder.  RWD cars, not to exceed more than 106” wheel base.  FWD cars, not to exceed more than 109” wheel base.  No full framed cars.  

2.       All glass, plastic, fiberglass, chrome molding, door handles, mirrors, etc., must be removed. 

3.       No broken glass in doors.

4.       All flammable materials must be removed, such as, carpets, upholstery, headliners, and back seats. 

5.       All objects in trunk area, including spare tire, rims, and parts, need to be removed.

6.       Car must be swept clean of any loose objects inside the car, and inside the trunk. 

7.       All of this MUST be removed before arriving at the event. 

8.       Doors must be wired or welded with a maximum of 3" X 1/4" thick strap.  Drivers door may be plated.

9.       Hoods may be wired in 6 places or bolted in 4 places.  Bolts are not to exceed 1" in diameter and 3" washers.  You must have a hole, 12" X 12" cut in the hood, over the carburetor.  Cut outs may be bolted with a maximum of (10) 3/8" bolts. 

10.   Hoods must be opened during inspection. 

11.   Trunks and tail gates must be wired in 6 places or bolted in 4 places.  Bolts are not to exceed 1" in diameter and 3" washers.  They may also be welded with a maximum of 3 " wide X 1/4" thick strap.  Must have a 10” X 10” hole in center of trunk.  

12.   Original gas tanks must be removed and cannot be REUSED inside car.  Tank must be moved and mounted securely in center of rear seat location.  The tank must be mounted securely, and covered with a non-flammable material.  If the tank moves at all, it is considered to be "unsecure."  Tank protectors are allowed, but it must not exceed 24" wide.  All fuel connections must be tightly secured and double clamped.  NO PLASTIC TANKS PERMITTED.  SAFETY FIRST!!! 

13.   Electric fuel pumps must have a shut off switch within the drivers 
reach that is visibly marked, on and off for safety officials. 

14.   The radiator must be water only. 

15.   Battery must be located on the front passenger floor, mounted securely, and covered.  Battery box recommended.

16.   No studded tires, screws, or wheel weights permitted.  No restrictions on tread patterns.  Double, glued, and/or tube tires permitted.  Valve stem protectors permitted. 

17.   Bumpers can be from any year car.  They may be bolted or welded.  NO HOME-MADE BUMPERS! 

18.   You must have a minimum of two straps, welded in the windshield area, from the cowl to the roof. 

19.   Suspension may be solid in front and rear.  No leaf spring conversions.  

20.   A mandatory 4 point cage, 4" in diameter, A-pillar to A-pillar, B-pillar to B-pillar, and from bar to bar on the inside of the doors.  Cage cannot be welded to the frame.  A roll bar is mandatory.

21.   You may weld 4 straps from top of bumper to core supports.  This is not to exceed 3" wide X 1/4" thick.  

22.   Trunks may be tucked or wedged, but there MUST be a minimum of space of at least 10" between trunk lid and bumper. 

23.   Roof signs mandatory 20X20. 

24.   Maximum of 3 returns through inspection.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

25.   May have one rear window bar 2X2 square tubing or pipe, or 3”wide X 3/8” thick flat bar.  May attach no further than 6” on roof and within 3” of where trunk meets speaker deck. 

26.   Official’s decisions are final!